My to-do list now extends through the end of the year. Isn’t that a weird feeling? I haven’t been updating this blog as regularly because I’ve been covering educational innovation at Fast Company, along with other topics, about once a week. A link to all my pieces is found here.

While writing for the magazine, I have contributed chapters to two 2013 upcoming books on the future of higher ed, one to be published by Harvard Education Press and the other by Stanford. Both have been wonderful collaborative processes.

I’m also slowly collecting research for a new book, which will extend some of what I’ve learned from DIY U into the K-12 space. More on that as it develops!

I have another small project coming up that I’ll post on shortly.

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  1. leonard waks says:

    Hi, Anya.
    I’m a big fan. I read DIYU in the course of writing my own book EDUCATION 2.0: THE LEARNINGWEB REVOLUTION AND THE TRANSDFORMATION OF THE SCHOOL. I cite DIYU in that book (I call it ‘masterful’). And I just finished reading Generation Debt, which added much to my regard. I am lecturing this week at the Miami Beach Public Library’s North Shore branch on the topic of DIYU. ED 2.0 treats the same topics as DIYU but concentrates on the High School. My next book will turn to the University, and will deal with the same themes as both of your books.

    A couple of points of connection. I was once (long ago) a philosophy professor at Stanford. I was later an associate and friend of Ivan Illich. And I’ve probably read every issue of Fast Company.

    Would love to connect (; leonard waks on FB; leonard.waks on skype).

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