For the past two months or so I’ve been working on translating my ebook, the Edupunks’ Guide, into an easy-to-navigate website. I’ve had the help of an all-woman team: the fantastic designer, Emma Welles, and developer, Ashley Holtgraver,  plus my tireless research assistant Molly who did the heavy lifting on the content entry.

And here it is!

This is my first time commissioning a website and I have to say I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. The idea was to translate the material in the guide into an attractive, easily searchable and navigable site. A relaunch is coming later this fall with commenting and annotating capabilities…in the meantime, I’m taking suggestions by email for new resources to add to the site, as well as bugs and edits of course!

Gates Foundation supported the development of the website, as well as hosting for one year (assuming moderate amounts of traffic). After September 2012, if it’s built up a decent audience and people seem to value it, I may look for some ads to continue to support it.

2 Responses to “ Now Live!”

  1. Stunt says:

    Interesting site – hope it grows to be a good resource!

    Disappointing to see that to download the pdf you need a scribD account, which costs $ with them.

  2. Anya Kamenetz says:

    Scribd accounts are actually free, you can also use a Facebook login, and there are free signups online if you don’t want to give them your info.

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