I’m proud to be partnering with Good Magazine to run a series of excerpts this week from The Edupunks’ Guide. Good also does these really cool contests where they invite readers to participate, and we’re doing one to ask people to visualize their personal learning journeys–how they got where they are today, and where they want to go.

Three-quarters of students don’t fit the traditional mold of straight-from-high-school-four-years-of-college-first-job. We want to see a real learning journey: online and real-world resources and communities you’ve found, classes, internships, conferences, jobs, dead ends or wrong turns, and the person or people who really made a difference in getting you where you are today (or where you hope to be).

Doodle a map of your most important learning experiences. Show us what it’s like to learn outside the traditional academic model.

Submit your entry here. We will accept submissions through Sunday, September 11. Check back on to see the slideshow and vote on your favorite. The winner will receive a GOOD T-shirt and see their infographic displayed on GOOD.is.

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