Kyle, who worked on the film Default: A Student Loan Documentary, set up this “Staff Picks” section at the Borders in San Francisco.

Update: Per the comments, here are all the books (besides mine) that I can distinguish. The ones I’m familiar with and can recommend, I’ve starred.
*The Student Loan Scam, by Alan Collinge;
The Five-Year Party: How Colleges Have Given Up Educating Your Child and What You Can Do About It, by Craig Brandon
*Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses, by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa
Gotcha Capitalism, by Bob Sullivan
Debt-Free U, by Zac Bissonette
Higher Education? by Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus
The Lost Soul of Higher Education, by Ellen Schrecker
A Chance to Make History, by Wendy Kopp
Crisis on Campus, by Mark C. Taylor
The Heart of Higher Education, by Parker J. Palmer

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  1. Bruce Schierstedt says:

    Interesting. Unfortunately I cannot read all of the titles and authors so I can look them up in library or bookstore. Could you list them.

  2. Ben P. says:

    That leaves the one on the bottom right. I’ll put my star by Crisis on Campus, an interesting and provocative approach to academic restructuring. Not sure whether it succeeds in getting to core issues of affordability and openness, as it is written from and possibly for an institution with different fish to fry than, say, the average large, state university. Nevertheless, from a “learning centered” standpoint, it’s interesting. If it turns out that academic restructuring is a necessary condition for other transformations, it’s more than interesting.

  3. Hi Anya: Thanks for posting this picture. Kyle is an amazing person–very brave, extremely determined to get the student story out. And thank you Anya for really kicking off this debate with your book. I think we’ve all collectively gotten some new ideas out into the public square, though I’m not sure the system wants to hear from us. “We are the envy of the world,” they keep saying, as if that is an answer to the costs and the problems. In the new updated trade paperback version of “Higher Education?” Andrew Hacker and I have an afterward we’ve added where we talk about what we’ve learned since our book was first published a year ago. I hope you’ll take a look. Best, Claudia

  4. Kyle McCarthy says:

    I see two red books that look pretty awesome on that shelf, Claudia and Anya :)
    Thanks for the kind words! Anyone with an interest in higher education NEEDS to read “DIY U” and “Higher Education?” Very important.

    The missing title that came out a bit fuzzy is “Crossing the Finish Line: Completing College at America’s Public Universities” by William G. Bowen, Matthew M. Chingos and Michael S. McPherson

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