That’s what Enric Senabre Hidalgo is calling PliegOS.
“a simple sheet of paper that once folded turns into a microbook (a real pocket-size one, indeed). It only needs a printer, a little do-it-yourself and an average 10 minutes for reading it.”

(Pliego is Spanish for octavo, one of the earliest types of books, printed and folded but not bound. They were popular at the time of Shakespeare.)

Hidalgo created a Pliego from Ismael Peña-López‘s Drumbeat festival blog series, which are here, or better yet you can print them out and make your own Pliego here. They are excellent.

HowTo pliego from pliegos on Vimeo.

Why Pliegos? Why printing at all? It’s for saving something worthwhile enough to read later, or to physically give someone else. You know, like a book. But smaller, for our impatient tl;dr age.

“Pliegos can be collected like stamps or stickers, but once read we strongly emphasize to leave them in the public space. Like an anonymous gift for a stranger reader. Specially if they contain text extracted form the Internet: turning this way the digital into physical, like a paper bridge between both worlds.”

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