I am getting more excited every day for the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival. I’ve interviewed about 25 of the nearly 300 participants about their projects and plans, from HASTAC to the Hackbus. I’ve ordered the new MacBook Air for lightweight documentation on the move and a pair of fierce walking boots. I am cutting down on caffeine to increase my sensitivity for the big boosts I’ll need to follow what’s going on from 10 am to 8:30 pm and probably late into the night (since both Spaniards and geeks tend to dine late).

I feel like each space is going to follow its own story arc over the two days and many people will be experiencing tunnel vision (in a good way) focusing on their various projects, but my delightful job is to cover as much of the festival as possible (with the team of Matt Thompson, Matt Garcia and all the fabulous bloggers here and elsewhere).
Also, just because of my personal skill set, I’m gravitating toward the blah-blah-blah sessions rather than the bleep-bleep-bleep.
So, besides keynotes and such, here’s some particular sessions I really want to check out:
11am Intro to Badges
12pm Hacking Wikiversity
14:00–14:50 Storming the Syllabus: Session #1 Twenty-first century Literacies: Building a syllabus together with Cathy Davidson
3pm: Ideas&Values of WebCraft
4pm: Graffiti/ Free Software (you have to check this out)

11am Pathways to Open Content
12pm Earn my Storyteller Badge at the Citizen Identities and Neighborhood Literacies for Open Learning #2
2pm Keynote w. Prof. Manuel Castells
3pm Building an Open Textbook with FlatWorld Knowledge
4pm The Next Big Thing for OER-what is it???
5pm Hopefully yoga but maybe the open mic??
6pm With much assistance I will perform a feat of entertainment, edification and multitasking not unlike the time my friend Stevhen cooked spaghetti with shrimp live on stage while performing gypsy rocknroll during his band’s concert.

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