I’ve just returned from an amazing trip to South Dakota, and i got the great news in my inbox that DIYU may be coming up for reprint in a couple of months.

I’ve already been informed of two typos where I sadly messed up the names of Jeff Berger of KODA and Professor Gardner Campbell. Has anyone else out there spotted misspellings, typos, or facts that really need to be updated or corrected? I have until September 29 to fix them. You can leave them in the comments or email me at a kamenetz at fastcompany dot com.

This is for big boo-boos only–they want to keep the same page numbers if possible.
For those who are interested in a more complete large-scale update, watch this space–I may have some exciting news very soon.

2 Responses to “Got Any Updates or Corrects for DIYU?”

  1. Chuck it up on a Wiki, drive sales through shared sense of ownership.

  2. Jason Green says:

    Alec Couros is at the University of Regina, not the University of Saskatchewan. Jim Groom is now (at least according to his Twitter stream) a former chain smoker.

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