All adapted from/related to DIY U.

New York:

“The larger question could be whether it’s possible to reunite frugality with prestige in a new breed of higher education—one that relies on achievement, not new geranium beds. For customers of Rodarte’s Target line or a McDonald’s cappuccino, it may just be the perfect recession-era combination.”


“The student loan beast is bloodied, certainly. But it’s not yet on its knees. More changes to the federal student-aid system are required to relieve thousands of people already saddled with unaffordable debt, to calm the growth of private loans, and to tame tuition increases.”


“These days, tuition at public colleges commonly rises five, seven, or even 15 percent in a single year, and students shoulder five and six-figure debts to pay for their degrees. It’s easy to forget that it hasn’t always been this way: Many public colleges and universities were once tuition-free.”

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