In the past week I have discovered a new mode of communication: the video blog. (My friend, sex educator Jamye Waxman is a mistress of the form).

Here’s 2 minutes from a Q&A I did with George Haines, an educational tech consultant who I met over Twitter. Ironically, it’s about the pros and cons of distance learning, and it is demonstrating a “con”–technical difficulty of the Skype video not being lined up with the audio, so it’s better to listen to than to watch it.

And here’s a 3-minute video I shot through my webcam for the folks at SxGenY, giving some thoughts off the top of my head about Gen Y in the workforce.

I’ll be doing a webinar next month and then later hopefully a whole web video series so I’m trying to build up my skills a bit so I don’t flick my eyes around or flip my hair or do other stuff that’s so distracting on a small screen.

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